Monday, November 4, 2013

Ultra Race

The A race on the schedule is the Texas Trail Endurance Run on December 7th, a 50K ultra at Huntsville State Park on some technical trails with hills, roots, and pine trees.  This event is put on by Soler Sports and has me training some high mileage long runs to be ready.  Last long run was a 22 miler that had me feeling strong and confident that I can finish the Ultra.  Plan is to do a 24 miler and a 26 miler before tapering for the race.  Somehow working in some shorter distance races before the Ultra.  This weekend I'll be running the Clear Lake City half marathon.  Not expecting to PR as my focus hasn't been preparing for this distance.  Though I know I can easily finish the distance,  I won't be running at full speed.  I will save some for the heavy training I am putting in for my Ultra.  Love the fall season and cool fronts that make training so nice this time of year.