Monday, October 8, 2012


So this is day 15 of my food log using the Lose it app on my Iphone.  I don't think I'm overweight or have a distorted self image that makes me believe I'm fat while wearing a size 4.  I just want to be aware of my nutrition and have a lean racing weight for the upcoming marathon season.  My BMI is currently 20.66 This number is awesome when compared to my BMI in May 2009 of over 33.  So relatively speaking I am very happy with my current health and fitness.  Female Elite athletes typically run at a BMI between 18-19.  Will I ever be an elite athlete?  Well heck no, not in this lifetime.  But it couldn't hurt to try to lower my BMI while training for the marathon season and see if it helps me hit a new PR, personal record.  Mostly I compete against myself, to try and improve myself.  It's fun, challenging, and has lots of positive rewards.  So the Lose it App is very helpful and tracks your nutrition as well as goals.  I review it all, calories, protien, carbs, and fat.  I really enjoy putting in the exercise and watching a 10 mile run subtract 1000 calories from a day.  I'd definately recommend this app.

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