Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sugar and Spice Inaugural half Marathon

The Sugar and Spice half marathon had all the makings of a great event.  I very enthusiastic race director, way cool swag that included a long sleeve tech shirt, a nice bag, a ear warmer head band, a sports bottle, chapstick and a koozie.  There was 350 women registered and the weather was perfect, about 45 degrees at race start.  However, it goes down as my worst race and here is why:  There was a turn before mile 2 that wasn't marked clearly and many missed this turn.  No one was at the turn directing traffic off the main road we were running down, which means I ran .8 miles more than the 13.1.  Every time I ran up to a mile marker I knew the race was off on distance.  This was very fustrating as I knew it blew any chance of a PR and my rank in my age group is off as I can't tell how many missed the turn and how many didn't.  On a personal note, I had some pain in my tendon on the outside of my right knee that was making running hard very difficult.  I was really exhausted going into the event and with the pain, and the fustration of the poorly marked course, I was mad the entire time I ran.  I am scheduled to run this course again on my birthday, April 7th and I hope the course is corrected at that time.  I hope to do better, though the chances of the temps being warmer are significant which warmer temps equals slower running times for me.  I am scheduled to run the Sugarland half marathon on March 3rd, so I hope I can redeem myself and have a better race there.

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