Sunday, February 23, 2014

Texas Beef Running Team

My first race to run as a member of the Texas Beef Running Team was the Galveston Marathon.  This year I am considered a Beef Tip.  My first year I have to meet the requirements of running at least 3-4 Team approved races and volunteering at a team approved race all in my Beef Jersey.  After this year, I will be a full fledged member and get all the great benefits of being on the Team!
We had a Beef Team meet up before the start of the race and we took Team pics.

During the race, there were Beef Team members, cheering, taking pics, and handing out awesome cold wet towels.  Loved the wet towels as it was hot and humid during this race!

This marathon was my fourth full marathon and even though conditions weren't ideal, I surprised myself with a PR of 4:24:19.

Go Beef!

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  1. Congratulations Katie -- welcome to the team!