Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mutimodal What?

As if I wasn't crazy busy enough, being Mom, working full time as an appraiser, and training for crazy long distance events like Ultra Marathons and Ironman Triathlons, I decided in January to go to college at UHCL full time.  UHCL provides online classes that will allow me to get my Bachelor's Degree.  I have two associate degrees from Alvin Community College.  I took some time off, and decided I need to finish my education.  Spring 2014, I took 4 classes and juggled everything well enough to get 3 A's and a B.  This summer I am taking two classes.  The first one is called Basic Text Western Tradition II.  Our first major discussion is on multimodal composition.  Once I figured out what multimodal composition was, I got excited.  Here is a class that allows you to complete assignments and express yourself in new and innovative ways.  This refreshing spin on learning inspires a student to really get involved in their work.  Plus there are two examples of multimodal composition I utilize daily in my life.  This is my blog, almost like an online diary where I feel comfortable expressing myself.  Mostly the theme is around my hobby of endurance sports, running and triathlon. I enjoy reading other blogs and subscribe to many online.  The other major multimodal composition I enjoy daily is podcasts.  I originally found podcasts through iTunes.  Now I utilize my Stitcher app to listen to podcasts.  I listen while in the car, running or on the bike.  My favorites are mostly about endurance sports.  The extra Mile is a unique podcasts in which listeners may call in and record a short clip or as I do, save an audio file and email it to the producer, Kevin.  Kevin then records an intro, then strings all of the clips together, and records an ending, and posts these podcast shows for all to hear. Two other's that I listen to are Ultra Runner Podcast and Trail Runner Nation.  These podcasts are similar in that they focus on trail running and the ultra-running community.  A race longer than the marathon distance of 26.2 miles is considered an ultra.  These shows tend to involve an interview with elite runners in the sport or race directors of ultra-marathon races.  One of the best triathlon podcast is called Endurance Hour.  Dave Erickson and Roger Thompson are the host and they do a recap of Ironman races that happen each week, interviews with elite racers, and prize giveaways.  Marathon Training Academy and Zen in the Art of Triathlon are also great listens as the producers are athletes and coaches and share their own experiences with the listeners.  Lastly, the one podcasts that I follow that has nothing to do with endurance sports is called We're Alive.  It is a radio show that is in its third season.  The show is about a group of survivors during the Zombie Apocalypse.  And since they do their fair share of running, I guess it does appeal to me. The production of this show is amazing, including a full cast and sound effects.  I hope to utilize multimodal composition to complete all assignments for the college class.  This opportunity has inspired me to look forward to learning.  

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