Thursday, October 22, 2015

Local Election

Local elections also cost quite a bit.  Let's take a look at Houston's mayor Annise Parker.  Annise Parker is in her final year as mayor due to term limits. She has served three times starting in 2010.  We can review her contributions that supported her in her run for office.

Here's a graph from the 2009 election:  The 2013 race racked up even more contributions.

What happens when campaign funds aren't reported properly?  The Texas Ethics Commission fined Annise parker for leaving out and misreporting campaign funds.  The fine was $200, and the publicity probably cost much more harm than that.

What's next for Annise Parker after her three terms as mayor?  In a recent interview with the Texas Tribune, the Governor of Texas position is mentioned. 

Here's a great link to a video interview from University of Houston Libraries:

What's happening in the 2015 year for the Mayoral campaign so far, read the article published by the Houston Chronicle and linked below to see the numbers:

Mayor Annise Parker, an openly gar woman, has been successfully able to run and be elected as Mayor of the fourth largest city in the US and successfully manage the city during the recession.  This is a sign of how far our country has come in accepting diversity.

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