Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Running with Spiders

I've been wanting to check out a new location to run.  The Justin Hurst Wildlife Refuge area is right off Sally Lake Rd.  Sally Lake is a beautiful lake where high end homes surrounded by trees have their own peice of waterfront.  The refuge is open during daylight hours, has trails that surround Scoby Lake (not near as pretty as Saly Lake) and a gravel road that leads into County Road 29.  After spraying the 100% deet mosquito repellant, I was off on a new adventure.  I ran down a wooden boardwalk that took me to a overlook onto Scoby Lake.  At this point, I followed a grassy trail through the trees which hadn't been mowed recently, probably due to the recent rains.  After taking out several spider webs, I started to question my common sense on this journey.  Finally the grass trail lead me to the gravel drive and I was able to continue my trail run spider free.  The trail was nice ands shady and I came to a gate that separated the refuge land from the county road.  I jumped the gate and kept on my journey.  I came across several horses in a neighboring pasture before the gravel road ended on FM 521.  I decided to back track back to the refuge.  After jumping the gate again, I saw other wildlife along my route, rabbits and even 2 deer that waited till I was almost upon them before running off.  Glad I didn't have to race them, they are fast.  Overall, a really nice run.  It will be even better after they mow the miles of grassy trails that completely surround Scoby Lake, so I have something to look forward to next time.

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